The Privacy Policy

1. It is unthinkable that I would ever sell the SMART
list or give the list to a third party for any reason.
I won't do it. Period.

2. I do like to brag sometimes about the "famous"
people on my list. I am sometimes tempted to do such
bragging in public, i.e., in a SMART Letter, but so far
I have resisted the temptation to spill all the famous
names on the list. One or two, maybe . . .

3. If I talk about an individual in a SMART Letter,
and if they are on the SMART List, sometimes I will
identify them as SMART People.

4. Points 2 and 3 are flexible, in that if somebody
asks me to not reveal their identity, then I will
not do it. Period.

5. All correspondence with me is private unless I have
explicit permission from the author to use it in public.
Even then, the author can tell me how he/she would like
to be identified (e.g., full name, name & email, anonymous,
a pseudonym, etc.) and I'll comply.

6. I reserve the right to contact SMART People as individuals
or as members of a group (e.g., West Coast SMART People)
for my own purposes, e.g., to ask their expert opinion, to
research an article, to assist in this or that project,
to hustle them for Prosulting(sm) work, speaking engagements, etc.
I won't do this very often, and always with the awareness that
relationships are at stake.

7. I welcome feedback on the above, and I reserve the right
to change the above text from time to time as new issues arise.
That said, the fundamental intent of it, to protect and grow
relationships with and among SMART People, especially as stated
in Point #1, won't change.

David S. Isenberg

Prosulting is a service mark of, inc.

 Date last modified: May 19 2000