Stupid Network, Real World
January 8, 1998

SMART Fans of the Stupid Network, 

I am writing to announce:

+  my new business 

                -- --

+  my new email address

                -- --

+  my new website

                -- --

(and check out my new phone number below, too!)

AND, most importantly, 

+ the rebirth of the smart-list, in a new, 

       moderated, mailbox-respecting form.  

I will use the smart-list only occasionally to post items of 

clear interest to SMART people, such as new writings, news items, 

especially interesting conferences, and relevant works 

by other people.


The release of "Rise of the Stupid Network" caused many

opportunities to beat a path to my door.  Unfortunately,

as an employee of AT&T I had to shoo most of them away.

So on January 2, 1998, I did the next logical thing -- 

I left AT&T to start  Now I am trying to round up all 

the opportunities that I had to shoo away.  (Fortunately, there were 

a couple of slow opportunities that did not get too far, and I

bagged them.)  If you know of a stray opportunity looking for a 

good home, feel free to send it my way.


There are now 188 people on the SMARTlist, and it is still growing at 

the rate of several a week.  If you know someone who wants to

subscribe, have them send me a few sentences about who they are,

and why they are interested.

(If you don't want to be on this list, please send 

                            unsubscribe smart-list

                           (on a line by itself) to  


The SMART discussion is still up, thanks to Judi Clark 

and Keith Porterfield at, and anybody 

can VIEW all postings on 


And you can still POST to it by sending email to 

 . . . 

Postings DO NOT go to everybody, instead

they are displayed on

So if you have opinions on new telecommunications

products or services or infrastructure, or new insight into 

the value of network infrastructure, or puzzled anxiety about 

corporate culture, or billion-dollar visions of new enterprises 

that you feel compelled to share, post them to 


and maybe we can invent a few new opportunities together!

I will continue to expand my website beyond "stupid" over the 

next weeks.  I have already posted my PC Forum 97 Trip Notes,

a 1996 article on ADSL, and some scenarios for The Year 2000 Problem.  

Thank you, SMART people, for your support and kind words over the

last months.  I look forward to more interaction with you!

David I

January 8, 1998


David S. Isenberg     


18 South Wickom Drive   888-isen-com (anytime)

Westfield NJ 07090 USA  908-875-0772 (direct line)

                                908-654-0772 (home)


     -- Technology Analysis and Strategy --

        Rethinking the value of networks 

      in an era of abundant infrastructure.


Date last modified: 3 Feb 98