minnie-at-ffHere’s a roundup of articles reporting on last week’s FiberFete:
Improving Government Health with a Fiber Diet, Notes from a City CIO, Bill Schrier.
FiberFete and Plenums, Joho the Blog, David Weinberger. (Note: amusing comments.)
FiberFete: Here’s to Our Connected . . . Stomachs!, Bite and Booze, Jay Ducote.
FiberFete: Telemedicine Notes, Weblogsky, Jon Lebkowsky.
FiberFete: Smart Grid, The Killer App, Weblogsky, Jon Lebkowsky.
FiberFete: Google’s Fiber Testbed, Weblogsky, Jon Lebkowsky.
FiberFete Infuses Lafayette with Future Possibilities, Chamber Chatter, Rob Guidry.
What You Could Do On A Gigabit Network: Tai Chi Class Through Your Television, Broadband Breakfast Club, Sarah Lai Stirland.
Individuals, Not Corporations Are Key To Regional Economic Development, Argues Cisco Researcher, Broadband Breakfast Club, Sarah Lai Stirland.
Google Exec: Incumbent Telcos Welcome On Our Gigabit Network,
FiberFete Celebrates City’s Efforts To Build Its Own Information-Age Utility, Broadband Breakfast Club, Sarah Lai Stirland.
Fiber Fête brings international A-list to Lafayette, The Independent, Nathan Stubbs.
Google rep touts benefits of fiber, The Independent, Nathan Stubbs.

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