Remember the one about Lucy and the football?


So the telcos and the cablecos impress upon the Chairman that they’d realllllllly rather do Title I. Title II, even though it is solid with the Supreme Court’s Brand X decision and everything, it’s, you know, onerous, and you know, if another Chairman isn’t as great a guy as you are, well, you know . . . but Title I, hey, we can find some great legal justifications so it’ll fly through court challenges just fine. (Who us? Challenge the FCC in court? Look I’m holding the football, all you have to do is kick it.)

In fact, the telcos and cablecos tell the FCC that they’ll get their very experienced lawyers, most of whom were at the FCC when they were youngsters, to work with the brilliant, clever, smart, inexperienced, but brilliant, clever and smart youngster lawyers at the FCC to make sure the Title I justification is solid. Hey, we’re friends, right?

Hey, we’re going to put it right between the goal posts. Where’d that football go? Why does my head hurt? Lucy???

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