Alexander Ovsov has honored my essay, Making Network Neutrality Sustainable by translating it into Romanian. Thanks Alexander!

In a 2009 comment on this essay, I wrote:

We can expect today’s gained ground to erode under our feet. We can expect to
keep fighting a long time. Or we can use today’s momentum to change the core
of the entities driving the fight so it’s simply not in their interests to continue it.
The choice is ours.

Today we’re fighting SOPA and PIPA. If we win, tomorrow it’ll be something else. The Internet will remain under attack, and the battles will continue, until the applications are separated by law from the infrastructure.

The fight for the freedom of the Internet knows no borders. I am delighted that Alexander has found it worthwhile to make Making Network Neutrality Sustainable accessible to a whole new language community.

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One Comment

  1. Brett Glass says:

    It is not possible to make “network neutrality” — AKA Google’s agenda to suck all of the money out of the Internet economy for its own benefit — sustainable by translating it into another language.