Yesterday I announced that F2C: Freedom to Connect would convene on March 4 & 5 in Washington DC. Registration is open too, and deeply discounted Early Bird prices are in effect through mid-January only.

The agenda addresses three core topics:

The first is an open infrastructure owned or controlled by and responsive to the community it serves and whose resources it depends upon. This will be addressed by Joey Durel (Mayor of Lafayette LA), Terry Huval (Director of Lafayette Utilities System), Pat Kennedy (founder, Lit San Leandro), Chris Mitchell (MuniNetworks.Org), James Salter (Atlantic Engineering Group), Catharine Rice (President, SEATOA) and others to be announced.

The second is a publicly specified set of Internet protocols open to all who meet its specifications.This will be address by Vint Cerf (Internet Evangelist, Google), Peter Cochrane (former Chief Scientist, BT), Dan Gillmor (Founding Director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University) and other speakers to be announced.

The third is the use of the Internet to promote government of, by and for the people, and to counteract autocratic government power. This topic will be addressed by Ed Bender (Executive Director, National Institute on Money and State Politics), Darcy Burner (Candidate for US House of Representatives, 2006, 2008, 2012), Lisa Graves (Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy), Ben Huh (founder,, Alexis Ohanian (co-founder, Reddit & instigator of the Internet 2012 Bus Tour), and Alec Ross (tentative)(Senior Advisor for Innovation, US State Department).

Of course, many of the speakers will address two, or all three of these profoundly interrelated topics.

More speakers will be announced over the coming weeks.

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