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On February 11, join BoingBoing, Mozilla, Reddit, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Demand Progress, the ACLU, Fight for the Future, Greenpeace, Roots Action, Free Press, ThoughtWorks, the Center for Democracy and Technology, Access, the Open Technology Institute, and many other fine organizations (such as, LLC) to honor the memory of Aaron Swartz and further the work he started.


We believe that a free and open Internet can bring about a better world. To keep the Internet free and open, we call on communities, industries and countries to recognize these principles. We believe that they will help to bring about more creativity, more innovation and more open societies.

We are joining an international movement to defend our freedoms because we believe that they are worth fighting for.

Let’s discuss these principles — agree or disagree with them, debate them, translate them, make them your own and broaden the discussion with your community — as only the Internet can make possible.

Join us in keeping the Internet free and open.


You may view the list of signers — well over 100 organizations and individuals — and/or sign on yourself at — no more SOPA, PIPA, ACTA or TPPA without us!

F2C: Freedom to Connect, the conference that brings the Netheads to Washington, DC, to be held March 31 and April 1 in Washington, DC, announces a second tranche of great speakers, including:

These join previously announced speakers Tim Wu, Bill St. Arnaud, Robin Chase, Tom Evslin, Reed Hundt, Andrew Rasiej, Brad Templeton, and Katrin Verclas.

Special “very early bird” admission prices are in effect through January 6. Register at http://freedom-to-connect/#registration.

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F2C: Freedom to Connect,
March 5 & 6, Washington, DC

Special price in effect this week only, $250, expires 9:00 PM on 1/15/07.

F2C: Freedom to Connect is the gathering of SMART People to discuss the infrastructure of the Internet and all that it enables. F2C’s theme-setting speaker this year is Yochai Benkler, whose 2006 book, _The Wealth of Networks_, is the most important book I’ve read recently. Benkler intimates that we’re underestimating the long-term impact of the Internet. Specifically, he says, open source software, Wikipedia and Second Life are signals of a future where large-scale networked cooperation becomes as important a means of production as industry and marketplace. At F2C, we’ll explore this hypothesis, the evidence pro and con, the scenarios that it suggests for a transformed future, and some other scenarios that may obtain if Benkler’s hypothesis doesn’t pan out. And we’ll attempt to discern additional clues to our networked future from current movement in technology, policy, business and economics.

The early list of committed speakers to F2C includes Mark Cooper, Susan Crawford, Dan Gillmor, Mary Hodder, Reed Hundt, Jonathan Krim, Blair Levin, Cory Ondrejka, Gigi Sohn and David Weinberger (in addition to Benkler). This early list is UNDER CONSTRUCTION — more additions are imminent.

The special rate of $250, for very early birds, expires in one week . . . a word to the SMART.

I hope to see you at F2C: Freedom to Connect! — David I

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