Policy on isen.blog Comments

If you're an individual saying what you believe, and you're saying it clean, welcome to isen.blog!

But your comment might be rejected or repurposed
(a) if it feels slimy, ad hominem or intellectually dishonest to me, or
(b) if it is an engineered message from an entity with an organizational agenda or its beholden agents.

If comments are corporate or organizational messages, or if I have reason to suspect that they're something besides the individual voice of an unbeholden commentator, and if they're not labeled clearly as representing that organization, then I'll label them as I see fit or reject them.

Usually publications charge for ads. I won't do that. But I'm not going to have astroturf messages masquerading as personal opinions, not on my blog!

If you're representing an organization, I INSIST that you clearly identify the organization AND the fact that your voice is its voice. If you do not, I consider this tantamount to fraud. If you're representing yourself, while I recognize the benefits of anonymous speech and will accept anonymous contributions, it'll help me avoid misunderstandings if you sign your real name and/or include valid current contact information.

David S. Isenberg

Date last modified: 16Feb07