Keiko, Miso & Lucky's Page

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by David S. Isenberg -- -- 888-isen-com

Copyright 2002 by David S. Isenberg


The other day I promised my friends that I'd bring cat pictures over to their house, but I forgot.
I told them about this picture, but it didn't fill the bill, so I promised I'd do a website. Here it is.


This is Keiko. Keiko is such a fat cat I'm thinking of renaming her Ebbers or Nacchio.
If you have food in your bowl and Keiko has finished her own dinner, watch out.


Here's Miso. Miso is missing something at each end. She has no tail and no brains.
She's Keiko's sister.


This is Lucky. He's our only boy-cat. We found him as a kitten crawling up inside the cowlings
of the parked airplanes at Linden Airport. So we named him for Lucky Lindy.
He has a loud voice and a large vocabulary, and he loves to watch human males work
with tools.


Keiko is our official lap cat. Here she's deminstrating her skill on the lap of
Schuyler Quackenbush, a former Bell Labs colleague (we're all former now).


'Getting while the getting is good' is a sign of feline intelligence.
Lucky is the smartest of the bunch.


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