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When this document is completed and signed by both parties, isen.com, LLC licenses

_____________________________________________ (Licensee)

of _____________________________________________ (Address)

_____________________________________________ (Address)

with the following contact information:

_____________________________________________ (email)

_____________________________________________ (telephone number)

_____________________________________________ (web site)

to use the "ProsultantSM" service mark.

The Licensee acknowledges that:

The Licensee agrees:

  1. To identify the term "ProsultantSM" as a service mark of isen.com, LLC at least one time in writing in any document in which it is used, and at least one time orally in any formal spoken presentation in which it is used.
  2. To inform promptly isen.com, LLC of any potential encroachments or misuses of "ProsultantSM" that may come to licensee's attention, or of any pending or threatened litigation involving "Prosultant SM".
  3. To do nothing that will subject isen.com, LLC to liability in any forum.
  4. To defend and hold harmless isen.com, LLC against claims arising from Licensee's use of the term "ProsultantSM".
  5. To not represent itself as being in any other way associated with isen.com, LLC (unless additional agreements are in effect).
  6. To not sub-license "ProsultantSM", or authorize anyone else to use it, and if requested to do so, to refer the requesting party to isen.com, LLC
  7. To not impair or endanger the rights of isen.com, LLC to own or use "ProsultantSM" anywhere in the world, during or after the termination of this agreement.
  8. That isen.com, LLC may terminate the license to use "ProsultantSM" at any time for any reason, by written notice to Licensee.
  9. That upon the termination of this agreement, Licensee agrees to discontinue promptly all use of the "ProsultantSM" service mark.
  10. That nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed to limit or restrict the right of isen.com to use "ProsultantSM" in any way or form.
  11. Due to the fact that this service mark of isen.com, LLC is of a unique and special nature, and that courts of law may not provide adequate relief, if Licensee breaches the terms of this License, isen.com, LLC may use extraordinary remedies and seek the intervention of a court of equity in addition to any and all other remedies isen.com, LLC may employ.
  12. This license shall be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Connecticut.

I agree to use "ProsultantSM" in a proactive, provocative, productive and professional way, according to the terms and conditions above:

_____________________________________________ (Licensee Signature & Date)

_____________________________________________ (Print name)

By the signature below, license to use "ProsultantSM" according to the terms and conditions above is granted:

______________________________________ (David S. Isenberg for isen.com, LLC)

Instructions for completion: Please print out this document on paper, fill in all licensee information, sign where indicated, and mail the document by snail mail, Fedex, or other carrier of paper to isen.com, LLC, 112 Orchard Street, Cos Cob CT 06807 USA. Approved document will be sent by return mail.

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Prosultant is a service mark of isen.com, LLC

Date last modified: 19 August 1999