A *very* carefully selected compendium of what people and programs are saying about
David S. Isenberg and The Stupid Network.

"When I joined the FCC, Isenberg's Stupid Network essay was one of three works that changed my perception of the telecommunications industry."
Dale Hatfield, former Chief, U.S. FCC Office of Engineering and Technology, October 22, 2002

[Well *I* was curious, so maybe you are too. Hatfield told me that the other two works were Why Circuit Switching is Doomed by Peter Sevcik in BCR and The Unpredictable Certainty, the report of the NII Steering Committee of the U.S. National Research Council. -- David I]

"[Isenberg is] an eloquent rabble rouser."
Gary Arlen in MultiChannel News, November 4, 2002.

"You know things are bad in the Internet industry when the best-sounding idea out there is David Isenberg's call for the return to or acceptance of his vision of the Internet as an all-IP-based 'stupid network.'"
Scott Mace in servicenetworks.com, October 30, 2002

". . . the most coherent, understandable explanation I've read of
what's goin' on technologically and economically."
David Weinberger, in JOHO the BLOG, July 24, 2002

"I like your writing style -- give 'em hell!"
Vint Cerf via email April 4, 2002

"Isenberg tends to see the big picture rather clearly while the rest of us muddle through in the immediate haze. Sometimes it takes a guy like Isenberg to confront us with the significance of what's right below our noses."
Scott Moritz in Moritz Dispatch #91 (1/10/02)

"I typically point my students to 'The Rise of the Stupid Network' as an example of the kind of thinking about the interaction between strategy and technology that we don't see enough of."
Jim McGee, Professor, Kellogg School of Management

"Isenberg's APRICOT 2001 keynote speech was the best keynote we've had!"
Robert J. Berger, Co-chair, Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Operating Technologies (APRICOT 2001)

"Isenberg's insights are proving to be where the business is going."
James Q. Crowe, CEO Level 3

"Isenberg's voice comes through resonantly and authoritatively."
George Gilder

"David Isenberg along with George Gilder is the most innovative and
insightful thinker about this stuff that I've met."
Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

"Today probably no one can more fittingly [tell AT&T] I told you so."
Scott Moritz, TheStreet.com

"[Isenberg] is an awesomely good writer. The wry wit he displays in paragraph after paragraph is superb. His perspective is genuinely refreshing, and to my eyes, at least, pretty solid."
Chuck House, President of the ACM & Executive Vice President for Research, Intel

"In June 1997, Isenberg penned a concussive essay, 'The Rise of the Stupid Network' that sent seismic waves through the telco establishment and illustrated the power of an idea unleashed on the Internet."
George Gilder, in Telecosm, Free Press, New York, 2000.

"[Isenberg's essay] was like a glass of cold
water in the face. . . . It was a very significant intellectual event [for AT&T's management]."
Tom Evslin, CEO ITXC, former AT&T senior executive

"[Isenberg's 'Rise of the Stupid Network' is] potentially the most controversial
paper to come out of the telephone industry, ever. . . . It's a brilliant paper."
Harry Newton, Computer Telephony, June 1997.

"['The Rise of the Stupid Network'] has to be one of the three or four most influential essays of the Internet era. David packs a lot into a few words."
Gordon Cook, COOK Report on Internet, April 2002

"[The Rise of the Stupid Network] may soon assume cult status among the tech mavens that roam the World Wide Web."
Gautam Naik, The Wall Street Journal Europe

"Frickin' brilliant."
Mary Slepicka, Editor, America's Network

"David Isenberg has dared to think the unthinkable."
Ira Brodsky, Network World

"If AT&T had listened to [David Isenberg], maybe its future would be clearer."
Scott Moritz, The Record (Bergen, NJ)

"Isenberg's resignation sent a signal that open discussion about this issue would be discouraged. AT&T thus lost an opportunity to raise critical
questions about its strategy."
Peter Senge, Art Kleiner, et al., The Dance of Change

"[Isenberg is] one of the better thinkers in the telecommunications firmament. [He] consistently comes up with interesting thoughts . . . "
Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News

"[Isenberg is] more than a name, he's a brand."
Kenn Cukier, Red Herring

"[Isenberg's] prose is brilliant. It is almost poetic. And the sensibility. I wish I had it in me. My hat is off."
Francis McInerney, North River Ventures

"[Isenberg's is] the voice of someone who is in touch with the technology
industry, but not a slave to big media drivel.
Joseph Franz, EDS

"David Isenberg is a truly good and decent man. We mean that. He's salt of the earth. Solid. And knowledgeable too.
Isenberg is the kind of individual who, when he tells you something, you listen. . . . [In other words,] David Isenberg really knows how to hurt a guy."
Chris Locke, co-Author of "The Cluetrain Manifesto"

"Somebody had to play the fool, and David Isenberg figured it might as well
be him."
Tom Petzinger,
Wall Street Journal, February 1998

"david isenberg is a truly good and decent man
david isenberg is a former employee of at&t bell laboratories
david isenberg is one of my favorite thinkers
david isenberg is a telecommunications expert
david isenberg is on the hot and humid side of the refrigerated divide
david isenberg is the architect of the stupid network theory
david isenberg is one of the intellectual agent provocateurs
david isenberg is receiving payment in the form of cash or shares
david isenberg is next"
Googlism, November 2002

"stupid network is about a shift in value from network center to edge
stupid network is to follow the kiss principal or “keep it simple"
stupid network is not all here yet
stupid network is broadly specified
stupid network is growing fast because it can do what pstn cannot do
stupid network is the best thing to encourage innovative
stupid network is designed only to transfer data
stupid network is where innovation will occur
stupid network is slow
stupid network is inexorably reshaping our energy landscape
stupid network is another bit of smart prose that i greatly enjoy
stupid network is back up
stupid network is best
stupid network is now in user's hands
stupid network is currently down
stupid network is working for once so i can
stupid network is still down for me
stupid network is very undecisive today"
Googlism, November 2002

                           Date last modified: 1 November 2002