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What is a Prosultantsm?

CONsultant n. 1. Somebody you hire to borrow your watch, so you can find out the time.  2.  Somebody you hire to tell you you're right -- after you become disgusted with all the "yes-people" around you.  [Also see CON, to swindle or defraud a victim by first winning his (sic) confidence, to dupe.]

PRO and CON are opposites.  So a Prosultantsm is everything that a CONsultant isn't.  A Prosultantsm is PROvocative, PROductive, PROactive.  A Prosultantsm has an attitude that's different from yours.  A Prosultantsm doesn't bring you fish, but goes fishing with you (and brings a big hook).  A Prosultantsm wants results, not employment (cf., Resultant).  A Prosultantsm tells you if you're full of sh*t (cf., Insultant) or if you're on the right track.  A Prosultantsm does not pretend to predict the future, but instead helps you discover what can be known and what cannot be known, and develop a perspective to discern the difference.

Are you a consultant who's ready to quit sucking up and start making sense?  All right!   Ready to be a Prosultantsm?  Excellent!  To use Prosultantsm, just send email to, stating your intentions, your identity and your contact information.  In return, we'll send you your no-cost, no-expiration license to call yourself a Prosultantsm!

Date last modified: 30 June 1999