Monday, January 12, 2004


An instant, bottom-up meeting? -- SMART Letter #92

SMART Letter #92 was released today. In part, it says:

This is not your usual SMART Letter.
*I* am asking *you* . . . (and we're going to have to
hustle to make the idea, which you are about to co-create,

Let's take seriously the assumption that Intelligence is at
the Edge. That is, let's *really* suppose that we're
SMARTer than the people "at the top" and "in the center".
Let's act on the maxim, "Nobody knows as much as all of

Here's the idea -- an instant, bottom-up meeting. WTF.
Let's get together face to face. Let's talk about the end
of telephony and the beginning of communication, about the
end-to-end principle and its enemies, about smart people
and dumb companies, intellectual property and creative
commons, digital democracy and info-surveillance, e-
commerce and the war against customers, and whatever else
is on our minds. Let's get to know each other, learn from
each other, exchange ideas, frustrations, tools, toys and
hacks. And let's see what happens from there. WTF --
it'll be lots more exciting than talking corporate heads
behind podiums.

Q1: Does this sound like a good idea to you?

I propose that we spend the better part of three days
together (e.g., arrive on the afternoon of Day One and stay
until late PM on Day Three). I propose that we do it in
early April sometime. I've talked to a couple of
conference centers in the Northeast U.S. that might host
such a gathering, and they can do it -- meals, lodging,
meeting room, A-V, etc. -- for about US$500 double
occupancy or $700 single occ. (Note: At these prices I'll
cover costs but won't make money -- this will be your

Q2: Would you come?

Read the whole thing here.
Better yet, subscribe to the SMART Letter here.

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