Thursday, January 15, 2004


WTF: people prefer Apr 2-4 in Westchester

I've received about 40 "definitelys" and about 35 other "probablies" and "provisionals". Only
about 4 people have a preference for the ACE Center near Phila. Many more people state that they prefer the Edith Macy in Westchester.

So the next steps are:
a) Solidify a contract with the Edith Macy.
b) Figure out a method of payment, that is, become a credit card merchant, or use PayPal, or something.
(Experience based suggestions on (b) will be especially welcome.)

Also, there are a LOT of great suggestions for what WTF means. I'll set up a vote for the ten best in due course.

So stand by. This thing looks like it is on!

David I

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