Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Terrence McGarty at Internet Commons Congress

McGarty says that 18 months ago it cost around US$4000 to run fiber-based symmetrical 10/100 Ethernet service to homes. Now the cost has fallen to under US$1000 for 80% of homes. Hey, why not ride the 80-20 rule?

McGarty's Merton Group has about 800 customers in one town in New Hampshire -- Ivan Seidenberg is not quaking in his boots.

The Merton Group's strategy is to probe for soft spots, places where resistance to FTTH, especially from Comcast and that ilk, won't kill them. They're bidding in several other New Hampshire towns.

McGarty asks:
Answer: No, no, no.

McGarty points out that the lowest cost power in the U.S. is generated by public power companies -- before, during and after the Enron crises.

McGarty describes himself as a conservative Republican . . . I have often said -- and I'm saying it again -- neither the Democrats nor the Republicans support the Communications Revolution. We must embrace our allies wherever we find them. McGarty is one of the good guys.

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