Thursday, March 04, 2004


What WTF Means -- The votes are in!

WTF!?! A Gathering of Smart People (April 2-4, 2004) announces . . .(ta dah!) . . .
What WTF Means

10.Wisdom Truth Freedom
9. Wise to the Fallacy
8. Wireless Trumps Fiber
7. World Telecommunications Future
6. WTF's the Future
5. When's the Future?
4. Where's the Financing?
3. Watching Telcos Fail
2. World Telecommunications Forum

The Overall Grand Winner is . . .
1. Where's the Fiber?

The winning submitters
(including submitters of substantially similar phrases)

Frank Paynter
Timo Vainionpaa
Charlie Sands
Biker Bob Guilbeau
Leon Sun
Saul "Dr. Strangecode" Aguiar
Brian Bell
Steve Norby
Juliusz Ostrowski
John Wilson
Vivek Gani
Martin Geddes
Stan Hanks

And the Grand Winners are Jeff Hoel & Steve Stroh
who both submitted, "Where's the Fiber?"

(Did I miss your entry? I did not do this as systematically as I should have.
Please let me know and I'll publish a retraction, recalculation, self-flagellation
or whatever's warranted. -- David I)

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