Friday, June 11, 2004


The UNE-P non-issue

There's a lot of unwarranted hyperventilitation about the Bush Administration decision not to appeal to the Supreme Court in defense of UNE-P. Unbundled network elements were a bad compromise anyhow. The telcos (and the consumer groups, and the regulators) are pulling an anti-Gretsky, skating to where the money is, as opposed to where it will be. End-to-end VOIP (a la Skype) will soon (i.e., 10-ish years) make even the largest incumbents LECs irrelevant.

Sure AT&T and other IXCs are complaining. If the current Bush Admin decision not to appeal the UNE-P affects anything, it affects the financial health (and ultimate survival) of the IXCs. They won't be a big loss at this point. If the Bushies decided the other way, the ILECs' life expectency would have been shortened. Wouldn't be a big loss that way either. We want all the telcos to fail fast.

I was quoted in the AP and the Merc News on it today. Neither article did the subject much justice. The Merc News story is less bad. I did try hard to explain it to both reporters in hopes they'd get it right. Nevertheless it is good advertising to be quoted -- and maybe my attempts at education will have a cumulative effect in the longer term.

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