Monday, August 30, 2004


Bye Bye Bluetooth

The Dewayne-Net Technology Letter points to this article, which says:
Ericsson is pulling the plug on its technology licensing unit, the wholly-owned subsidiary which invented Bluetooth wireless technology and became the driving force behind the company's Bluetooth initiative.
Johan Akesson, vice president of marketing for Ericsson Technology Platform . . . said "We will no longer develop new hardware or new IPs based on the Bluetooth specification . . . Even though large volumes are manufactured, we've found that the long-term business case for Ericsson Technology Licensing is not strong enough."
Akesson also says,
"Ericsson is not pulling back from Bluetooth."
No layoffs are planned, said Akesson. "Most of them will find new jobs within Ericsson."
Right. Declare victory and bring the troops home.

Just last week I got my very first Bluetooth device -- a Mac Powerbook G4 :-(

A trickle of UWB devices should show up in the next few months, and we'll have a whole bunch for X-Mas 2005.

UWB compared to Bluetooth, is the same as broadband vs. dialup, plus UWB uses even less power.

The biggests drawback to bluetooth is the 'profile' bullshit. Frankly its just too complex for everyday users, and it allows device mfgs, or wireless carriers too much leeway as to how they can cripple the devices.

Just try getting a bluetooth device from Verizon or Sprint, ain't gonna happen, unless its crippled to the point of useless.
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