Tuesday, October 05, 2004


In Japan, one Gigabit/sec for $40 a month

This article in the International Herald Tribune reports
Softbank, the second-largest provider of high-speed Internet access in Japan, said Monday that Yahoo Japan and Softbank BB would start offering a new optical fiber-based broadband service. Softbank will provide the service at speeds of up to one gigabyte per second and charge users ¥4,200, or $38, a month, the company said in a statement.
Surely this is a typo -- the word here has to be Gigabit.
Softbank and NTT, the nation's former state monopoly for domestic telephone services, are competing to become Japan's largest provider of high-speed Internet access . . . NTT last week said that it would cut its basic monthly fee by ¥50 in order to compete with Softbank and KDDI, Japan's second-largest mobile phone company.
I note -- with a sour taste in my mouth -- that the same technology is available to service providers in the United States.

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