Wednesday, March 23, 2005


F2C has a 20 Megabit Link!

There's an excellent small ISP -- Atlantech -- about 1200 feet away with rooftop-to-rooftop line of sight and with a cooperative CEO, Ed Fineran. Ed said to me, "How much bandwidth do you *want*?" And he said, "The only way I'll lend Atlantech's name to this is if the network *screams*."

So I got two 5.2 GHz Canopy Backhaul units from Motorola, thanks to Tom Freeburg and Ken Magrow, and put them on the roof at Atlantech and AFI Silver (thanks Dewayne Hendricks, John Summers, and Steve Henson).

We did the drop down into the room where F2C will be, where we'll have a custom DHCP server (thanks Dewayne) connected to two load-sharing Cisco Aeronet 1200 WiFi access points (thanks Tim Cook).

This link will provide (a) streaming audio, (b) high-speed interactivity for everybody in the room, (c) a back channel so in-room participants and remote participants will be able to contribute to a group chat (thanks Greg Elin and Manuel Kiessling).

Your wifi-enabled laptop will be an important interactive tool during F2C: bring it.

And if you can't come to F2C: Freedom to Connect, maybe you can listen to the Webcast and participate in the audio.
Be there or b**2.

Argh. Sorry I missed it :-( I just couldn't stay that long in US.

I will try to participate over the net.
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