Thursday, May 26, 2005


Disservice, disingenuous and just not true

Figures just released from the OECD show the U.S. falling from #10 to #12 in broadband per capita over the last year, while the ITU says that the U.S. fell from #13 to #16. (The discrepancy occurs because the OECD does not count Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel or Singapore in its numbers, the ITU does; all four have more broadband per capita than the U.S.)

Ooooeee! Mike Gallagher is hopping mad! He's Bushco's Assistant Secretary of Commerce in charge of the NTIA, the Executive Branch office responsible for the famous Bush Broadband Program, which would make, "universal affordable access to broadband technology by 2007." He said,
"[T]hat is a completely inaccurate measure of the way the U.S. stands," Gallagher said. Those who promote this statistic, he said, "are doing a disservice to the innovative atmosphere at home." He said the United States had the greatest gross number of Internet users and broadband users -- by substantial margins -- and also leads the world in wireless "hot spots" and in the number of computers devoted to e-commerce. "This notion that the U.S. is 16th in the world is a disservice, disingenuous and just not true."
So. The Bush measure of "universal affordable access to broadband" is the gross number of Internet users -- dial-up users included? Or the number of computers devoted to e-commerce? Huh?

(BTW, the U.S. does lead the world in gross number of computers connected via broadband, but that's because the U.S. is a big country. But China will lead in this statistic by 2008, and Bushco's doing nothing to deflect this trajectory.)

Maybe next year Bushco's broadband measure will include number of SUVs with TVs -- after all SUVs are broad and TVs are usually on in an analog kind of way. Maybe it'll be GPC -- gallons per commercial -- or TVPT -- TVs per ton.

Invent a non-disservile measure, any measure. After all, the most obvious measure is a "disservice, disingenuous and just not true."

[BTW, Mike "wired" Gallagher doesn't even have a cell phone, cause his excuse for not calling me back when I was researching this story for VON Magazine was, "out of town."]

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Perhaps Mr Gallagher can use a penetrating US level science education as his excuse.
I don't know why there should be any level of surprise at this stance by the administration.

It is completely consistent with the "Big Lie" strategy that has been deployed from Day 1. The more often they say something, the more people seem to believe it. It's like magic, really. You don't have to actually do anything, just say things. Over and over again.

"There are WMD in Iraq."

"We're winning the war in Iraq."

"Every day more Americans see the need for private accounts."

"Taking cell cultures out of the trash to harvest stem cells is killing babies".

"We're leading the world in broadband."

See how it works?

You know they're messing up bigtime, when a conservative like me gets this pissed...
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