Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Mashups we want

Here's an idea I had for Mashup Camp:

A mashup that lets people add cellular dead zones (not-spots) to a Google Map? I know several places where I lose service predictably every time I drive there. Cellcos have this info but they are keeping it from us. If it were as easy as clicking on a map to add a not-spot (and maybe x-ing your carrier in a check box) it could present some damning data. It could become a reference tool for people shopping for new mobile service.

Here's the inspiration for the above.
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David - I'm posting my comment from the mashupcamp page here too - good idea!

From Rod Edwards: As a quick (2 second) and dirty solution, I added "Cellular Dead Zone" as a category in BlockRocker.com. That means you can add a geographic Message in the "Cellular Dead Zone" category, and then tag it with your carrier's name. Using the combined taxonomy/folksonomy/geographonomy, you could then look up "Verizon Dead Zones in California".
And following you both, here's my attempt...

From Yoz Grahame: A 5-minute solution: http://zerobars.ning.com - has fields for carrier and connection quality, though I may drop the latter as it's probably easier just to use the Ratings system.
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