Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Avi Rubin's day as a poll worker

Avi Rubin, the Johns Hopkins comp sci professor who originally raised big questions about the incompetent, insecure source code on Diebold voting machines, writes a gripping account of his day as an ordinary poll worker in the Maryland primary yesterday.

The Washington Post has a story on poll mishaps with a major emphasis on human errors. If Professor Rubin is right, the Post missed the main point. The Baltimore Sun seemed to have a better handle on the ubiquity of the problems in "Maryland's first statewide run of an all-electronic voting system," but Professor Rubin's blog post got to the heart of the real story.

The question re-opens: if we can't trust the electoral process -- and why should we, given stories like these? -- wherefore our democracy?

Thanks for the pointer to Joseph Lorenzo Hall on Dave Farber's list.

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