Thursday, December 21, 2006


Blog Tag, Moi?

The Blog Tag begat: Glenn tagged David, who tagged Susan, who tagged Harold, who tagged me.

My mission, five things people don't know about me, then tag five more bloggers.

1. Seeing Peter Pan, the musical with Mary Martin flying overhead on an invisible wire, in a park in St. Louis when I was between first and second grades, was intensely formative for me. Today (2.) I can fly (private pilot's license, 1988), (3.) I'll never grow up (well, still actively resisting the process), and (4.) I think pirates, especially the real ones e.g., those that attack merchant vessels and yachts near the Strait of Malacca, are scary but intensely interesting.

5. When I travel, I can always talk to (or IM) my wife, but I really miss my boy cat, Lucky.

I hereby tag Aaron Swartz, Rebecca Mackinnon, Martin Geddes, Steve Crandall and Martin Varsavsky.

[6. I never wanted to be "it" when we played tag as kids.]

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at least it wasn't the old - pick up the closest book, turn to page 23 and tell me what line 5 is...

(nothing likes ToS from a phone book or something like that)
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