Saturday, December 16, 2006


Joi Ito to Chair Creative Commons

SECOND LIFE, December 16, 2006 . . . At a meeting of the Creative Commons board of directors here today, CC founder and outgoing chair Lawrence Lessig passed the torch to new CC chair Joi Ito. Lessig remarked, "CC's got to be a movement, and a movement has to have leaders, with an 's', and [there is] nobody who I think can [chair CC for the next four years] better than Ito-san." Lessig will continue as CC's CEO.

Following the torch passing, Wikipedian Jimbo Wales presented Lessig with a "lawyer-readable plaque" commemorating Lessig's term as first chair of CC.

The presentation of the plaque, while Joi holds the newly-passed torch is depicted above.

Creative Commons will issue a press release Monday.

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