Saturday, December 22, 2007


Climate change for skeptical environmentalists

A science teacher in Independence, Oregon lays out the scenarios Bishop Berkeley style, with stunning simplicity. He points out that even if we don't know whether global climate disruption is real, we can decide whether or not to act. And when we weigh the risks of acting against the the risks of not acting, even if climate change might not be happening, our course is clear.

This video has had over 2.9 million views already. Nice.
[Update: URLs for video updated 8/18/08.]

Now that you've seen it (Go ahead, watch it) imagine the same argument laid out in a written essay. As compelling? No way. As easily accessible by millions of people? Not. The medium is the message. Barriers to videos that would raise the threshold for little gems like this would be socially irresponsible.

Thanks to Jock Gill at Greater Democracy for this pointer.

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