Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Comcast Outrageous again!

Tim Karr alleges -- and presents audio, photographic and eye-witness evidence! -- that Comcast bussed in a bunch of seat-warmers to yesterday's FCC hearing on Comcast's outrageous "network management" tactics. Meanwhile, over 100 people were turned away. [link]

If this is true, it's a really powerful demonstration of how much Comcast cares.

It's a "Denial of Citizenship Attack."

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Free Press tried to pack the hall too. And the people they brought in were rude, hissing and booing and interrupting the speakers. The Comcast employees who were encouraged to attend the circus (oops, I mean hearing) were polite.
The "anonymous" comment above is bullsh*t. Free Press didn't pack the hall, they didn't "bring in" any people. They simply advertised the hearing, and interested parties showed up . . . and expressed themselves, which is what a hearing is for. Nor is Free Press responsible for anybody's behavior but their own.

If Comcast had done the same thing -- advertised to its friends -- it's not likely anybody would have showed up. Because Comcast doesn't have any friends who it doesn't pay one way or another. I don't know anybody who is in love with Comcast services.

So don't go drawing false equivalences, "anonymous." You're just plain flat wrong. And kinda dense too. And you're anonymous.
I agree with Mr. Isenberg completely. Comcast probably payed 'anonymous' to write that comment.

Joshua Zeidner
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