Monday, May 12, 2008


Don't know much about history . . .

. . . don't know much economy!

I'm driving "angry economist" Russ Nelson -- in his own words -- batty.

He says,

Unfortunately, David doesn't know much economics.
He also says the same thing about Allen Sinai. I'm flattered, Russ.

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Imagine what kind of results you'd get out of Astronomy if the science was comprised of Astronomers and Astrologers. That is, unfortunately, the state of economics today. Don't believe me? Go ask people what economists study. You'll get dozens of answers -- and that's just from asking the economists.

So, yeah, just because somebody claims to be an economist, that doesn't make them one. (That applies, obviously, to me too.) Some smart guy once said "Ye shall know them by their works," and if their works are poor, their economics are poor, too. Just look at Krugman. If I were in the MIT economics department, I'd be asking for him to give his degree back.

You'd do better to stick to networks. Economics isn't for dilletantes.
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