Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've joined the FCC National Broadband Plan team

Yesterday at it was announced that I've joined the FCC's National Broadband Plan Task Force. I'm delighted to be helping Blair Levin and his team on this important mission.

The Plan is due for delivery to Congress on February 17, 2010. Everybody working on the Plan takes this date very seriously. The work will continue after this; how long I stay at the FCC after February 17 is anybody's guess at this point.

Accordingly, (a) this blog will go very light on telecom issues over the next several months, and (b) F2C: Freedom to Connect 2010 will be postponed to a future date to be determined.

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a great day for the Internet!

I met you at the FCC three weeks ago, wearing an employee badge, and so knew about this before it was widely publicized. Congratulations! However, as a provider of a very smart wireless network, I'd like to ask that you avoid being doctrinaire and resist the temptation to insert any language into the Broadband Plan which slants it toward particular technologies (e.g. fiber) or toward commoditized, "dumb" networks. My customers depend upon the intelligence I design and build into my network to receive high quality, economically priced service; they likewise benefit from the innovative pricing and service plans I am able to create.

Last mile providers are also very much in need of "middle mile" services which are not priced anticompetitively and of spectrum that is not in the Part 15 "junk bands" and can be obtained by means other than the FCC's very broken auction process.
This is great news. Congratulations! I know your priorities are in the right place, and hope you have some influence on the team.

What's the best way for me, an interested citizen and rural telecommuter without broadband, to keep abreast of the FCC's work?


Careful what you wish for!

There's plenty of "keeping abreast" to be had at, and Talk about rich! Look through the video archives and presentation materials at
Log onto an upcoming Workshop or Commission Meeting -- they're all webcast.

The real question is how do you deal with the rest of your life while spending 26 hours a day keeping up with all the things going on at the FCC!

Give it a try, kbob!!! You might like it.

David I
I'm torn between already missing your careful work diligently making for a better Commons working from the outside in.

At the same time, I could not be more glad to knoiw that your insights will shape this critical new facility our nation is evolving.
Congratulations! I am thrilled for our country...not the least because it would seem that they must know who you are and what you stand for (no shrinking violet you!) and _that_ means that someone up there knows they should want that.


Congratulations! This is really excellent news. My hope for ubiquitous, cheap broadband before I die is renewed.

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